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Local marketing is a very important marketing platform for local businesses to increase sales and leads. It gives the ability to capture the attention of local customers for the local businesses in that particular area.

As most people like to purchase locally, you need to keep your local online marketing outstanding. Here are some vital tools to leverage your local marketing.

1. Yodle: If you run a local business, Yodle will provide you more customers with less effort. It will provide you-all-in-one affordable marketing solutions. Yodle will build a website for you and list your local business on 50 directories.

Yodle tracks every visit to your store and records the call. It also provides a mobile-friendly website for your business. As 78% of consumers’ purchase decisions are impacted by online review, it automatically posts your positive reviews on your website.

Your business will be found on all major search engines. Yodle will help you create and send mail, and it will also help you create and maintain your Facebook business page. You can distribute your special offers where it matters most.

2. Boostability: If you want to boost the online presence of your local business and get greater numbers of qualified leads, you can choose Boostability. It will put your local business on the map.

Boostability local online marketing lists your local business and ranks it high on all popular search engines to help your consumers find your business.

Boostability also locates your business on Google Places, Google Map, and local business directories. You can boost your local awareness and earnings and rank your business above your competitors.

3. SYCARALOCAL: SycaraLocal is local SEO software program that manages your local presence online. SycaraLocal checks your name, address, and phone number to ensure accuracy of your local business information across important directories that will help your customers find you.

It saves time with auto-generated reports to make your marketing strategy more effective. You can take advantage of your competitors’ efforts to improve, yourself. You simply need to provide the name and address of your most direct local competitors, and SycaraLocal shows you where they’re found and you’re not.

SycaraLocal ranking data will help you understand your business visibility and map your business to increase the accuracy of you information in seconds.

4. Brightlocal: Brightlocal is perfect for agencies, local business owners, and consultants. It uses seven unique tools:

Local Search Rank Checker monitors your local search performance and tracks most-valuable keywords and locations in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Local SEO Check-up gives you a complete local SEO report. Each report covers 6 areas of local SEO, including Google+ Local, On-site SEO, Social media, local directories listings, off-site SEO, and a local search-engine-ranking report.

Google+ Local Wizard optimizes your Google+ profile and searches for keyword that are more competitive offering the best opportunity to position yourself on the top.

CitationTracker creates a list of the most valuable citation sites for your business, lists them, and keep track of your submissions as you make them.

ReviewFlow is an online tool that automates and monitors online reviews on major review sites & local directory websites.

ReviewBiz buttons make it easy for your customers to add reviews on your website. You can connect your business with local directories and Google+ local, and it will boost your local ranking.

CitationBurst submits your local business to hundreds of directories & citation sites only in just one round! 

Brightlocal analyzes millions of Google+ Local citation sources and has a unique database of over 1,600 high-value citation sites.

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