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We’re a Dynamic Team & Business Experts

Sure the Moss family has decades of experience, started and sold many businesses, built hundreds of websites, yada yada doodles…

But really it is not about us.  It is about you. We want to help you succeed… We want to help you build the business of your dreams.

My first successful business was a TV & VCR Repair shop.  I had a great thing going until they started making VCR’s deposable.  That is about the time I was able to sell out.

Knowing when to get out of a business is just as important as when to get in.

I built my very first website in 1998 and have been building websites and launching businesses both online and off, ever since.  Now all of my children are young adults and they are also becoming talented entrepreneurs.

My first successful attempt at business online was an ISP providing dial-up internet access services.  When dial-up ISP’s were starting to be phased out I sold the business to a huge corporation just in time.  I kept all the website hosting customers and since then have provided only website hosting and development services.

My oldest son runs that division of the business now.  It is under the 1Click brand.  1ClickAgency.com

My other two sons, one a professional photographer, and the other does professional video production, are doing business as Spotlight Media Pro.

At the same time I was building businesses online I was building offline too… a computer repair store, Satellite Dish Sales and Installation, Burglar and Fire Alarm company… 

In 2005, I took over a non-profit Christian Youth Camp and received a quite schooling in non-profit management.   It was on the brink of bankruptcy but within the first year we completely turned it around.

I left there in 2019 and founded a new non-profit to provide community services.  We have been keeping quite busy during covid shutdowns… 

My sons and I have started this blog site as a place where we can give back and share some of the success and failures we have had over the years.  The little by-line we use here at tjmoss.com is:

“Freely Sharing Decades Of Wisdom”  and it is true.  There is no need for you to make the same mistakes I have made.  There is no reason to start at the bottom and struggle to figure everything out on your own like I did.

Contact us today… Let us know where you need help.

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