Local Marketing Do and Don't



 1. TARGET: Your product should meet the needs of an extensive group of customers, but it’s clear that you cannot target all the customers at the same time. So first of all you have to target those customers who fall under the category of your niche.

2. RESEARCH: Yeah, everyone knows that it’s very time consuming to research or find out the best info about any niche. It also needs a good budget, too. But it’s also been seen that “quality research” is a significant part of successful marketing that provides you with the valuable stuff.

3. ENGAGE: Interacting with customers is the best form of engagement. Answering their questions, discussing the product, etc. allows you to know their views and feedback about your product. It also creates a sense of loyalty and friendship between the two, which is very important.

4. BENEFITS: This is another way of engaging customers. Always discuss your product’s valuable and positive points that can benefit them. Perhaps it can save them time or effort. Perhaps it will help them stay in budget. Try to tell them about every possible benefit of your product.

5. STRIKING FEATURE: What special or stand-out feature does your product have that the others don’t? This should be a key point in your product marketing. The answers should be your marketing rockets or weapons.

6. BE SIMPLE: Whenever explaining your product, be simple, short, and sweet. Speak in language that is easily understood, because your customers who are non-technical can find it tough to understand and might not purchase your product for the same reason.

7. UPLOAD PICTURES: Images and pictures definitely play a very important role in marketing. People get a more deep and a positive feel for the product when they see images of it. Certain standards are set up in their minds after viewing a picture. It helps us in demonstrating within our niche. Pictures can be an online representation of your business.


1. STAGNANT: As we know, marketing is growing rapidly. And strategies change over time. How do you invest your time and money when the marketing strategies doesn’t stay?

2. IGNORING CUSTOMERS: Do not ignore feedback and problems from customers. Listen to them, because you have invested a lot to set up your business, which can collapse rapidly if you are not responding well.

3. SPAM: Remember, do not fill your customer’s inbox with lots of emails marketing your product, especially if he/she is not interested in receiving them. It can have a negative impact.

4. USING A TOLL- FREE NUMBER: Using a toll-free number can lessen or reduce your chances of making a profit, because it makes it difficult for search engines to find out that what your business is actually related to. So always use a local or a landline number for your listing. 

5. POSTING FAKE REVIEWS: Nowadays, search engines have become smarter. They are good enough to find out the truth. So do not post fake reviews about your product anywhere. You can be saddled with a penalty.

6. CONTENT EFFICIENT BUT DESIGN DEFICIENT: Well, if you have good, quality content-marketing strategies, but a poor design strategy, then it might give a negative impression to your customers. If your site is difficult to access or navigate, your customers will get out of it in a second. Both have to be equally impressive.

7. YOUR BUSINESS NAME: Keep your business name short and sweet. Do not add a city name or other keyword at the end. The search engines are smart enough to find out your location. So, let your attractive business name stand on its own.

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